Chocolate Souffle`

Chocolate Souffle`


Our Chocolate Souffle` is made with some wonderfully rich butters, natural oils and amazing additives to help your hair thrive and help to seal in the moisture for your parched hair and skin. With the scent of well Chocolate. This can be used in your hair as well as on your body.. This is great for sealing in the moisture in your hair and Waves, twist, locs, braids, wash n' gos or any style that needs a a sealant for moisture and have so many other benefits for your hair at the same time.. 

Directions:  Apply a small amount of the butter on wet or dry hair to lock in the moisture and give it a shine. Apply a small amount to your skin. This Butter will not leave your hair or skin feeling greasy but it will however leave it feeling excellent and nourished. 

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter,  Mango Butter,  Castor Oil,  African Shea Butter, Cherry Kernel Oil, Hempseed Oil, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Fragrance, Love

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